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SOMNOFY FOR SCIENCEExplore sleep a new and better way

Analyse sleep like never before

Somnofy offer scientists an easy to use sleep monitor and analytics tools for health-related research programs.

Somnofy offers a low cost easy to use data recording and analytics tool that can enable larger test groups in a research program. The Somnofy Science sensor contains all the sensors needed for fully automated sleep diary including sleep hygiene and environmental data such as room temperature, air quality, light and noise. Somnofy Analytics offers a lot of sleep related analyzes such as sleep stages, snoring, movement, sleep onset, time to REM, sleep time and more.

Further, Somnofy Analytics offers details, trends and correlation of the following data: , Resting heart rate, Time asleep, Sleep onset, Sleep efficiency, Sleep score, Times awake, Times out of bed, Resting respiration rate, Respiration rate mean, Respiration rate variance, Body Movement, Distance from sensor and Signal quality.

Give your patients what they deserve

Research findings link poor sleep quality to health issues and several diseases. Personal health is directly influenced by the sleep quality.

Somnofy is a non-intrusive solution to monitor sleep. It uses multiple built-in sensors to detect both personal vital signs and environmental parameters.

Somnofy features:

- Detect if a person is in bed or not

- Detect if the person is sleeping or awake

- Detects fall out of bed

- Continues detection of resting heart rate, respiration rate and body movement

- Local or remote access for monitoring in various locations

Somnofy for Welfare does also offer sleep analysis and more advanced analysis to detect sickness.

Meet Somnofy

Somnofy is the worlds most advanced non-contact sleep monitor. With sensor fusion it reads vital signs and analyses a number of important parameters to improve sleep. Somnofy works for local monitoring as well as for remote live monitoring. It even works with two or more people in the bed.

  • Advanced vital sign monitoring
  • In-depth sleep analysis with sleep stages
  • Smart alarm clock that knows when to wake you up
  • Somnofy Analytics to see advanced analysis
  • App and WEB user interface
  • WIFI and BLE connection
  • CE and FCC approved

Custom design

Somnofy offers a broad range of customised designs to fit your project. Whether you want to monitor a big group of patients or you have a small test group. We customise our platforms to fit your task.

Customised for Android or iOS.



A powerful tool
The Somnofy dashboard gives you advanced analytics for sleep stages, sleep index, movement, sleep-onset, resting heart rate, average respiration rate and much much more. Every new feature that VitalThings launch in the Somnofy dashboard will work on data that you have collected from day one.

Advanced mode
In advanced mode the Somnofy dashboard will give you access to all the raw data from the sensors. It will also give you correlation between data. For example if your patient sleep better in a cold room, or wake up due to noise in the room.

Easy to use
The somnofy dashboard is designed to give you all the information needed to analyse sleep. By using the dashboard you gain insight on both short-term and long-term consequences of your patients sleep quality in a easy and smooth way.


The Somnofy app

The Somnofy app is made for phones and tablets. With this you can configure your Somnofy device, set the smart alarm, leave personal notes and of course view all the data related to your sleep and sleep hygiene. The app does also offer a live view of one or more devices if you are relatives, a caregiver or a coach to a team.

Built for Android & iOS.

App Render
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