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A validated alternative to polysomnography

High-quality sleep assessment alternative to polysomnography for a smaller budget

Map sleep in the population of your interest. Advance your sleep tracking methods with a validated alternative of high quality.

Choosing Somnofy for your research project is a big step towards larger scale sleep research, or the acknowledgement of the sleep dimension in adjacent research fields such as behavioral psychology, education, human physiology and medicine, psychiatry, aging, and more. Your advantage is a high-quality sleep assessment alternative to polysomnography for a budget similar to actigraphs. Being non-intrusive upon the sleeper, the data collection presents undisturbed sleep patterns in a controlled lab environment — or in the subject’s own home.

Somnofy features:

  • Detect if a person is in bed or not
  • Detect if the person is sleeping or awake
  • Fully automated sleep stage detection (hypnogram output)
  • Continuous measure of body movement and respiratory rate
  • Local or remote access for monitoring in various locations
  • Easy instructions for participants to self-install at home

Somnofy also offers long-term sleep analysis and more advanced statistics to follow disease development or intervention effects over time.

Closer and less intrusive to athletes.

Monitor your athlete study participants more precise and for longer periods without interfering in their training routines or disrupting their sleep.

It is while we sleep that the body restores and reconstructs tissues affected by training. Therefore, it is especially important to have an overview of both sleep quantity and quality in order to continually push an athlete's boundaries to progress and improve. Somnofy offers long-term analysis of a number of parameters such as respiratory rate, movement, sleep quality, sleep hygiene, sleep onset, number of times out of bed and much more. This can be used to see the effect of changes in training regime, nutrition, rest and other actions taken to increase performance or rehabilitate. Somnofy analytics is only to be used by qualified personnel to assist a decision or medical assessment.

Somnofy analytics is only to be used by qualified personnel to assist a decision or medical assessment.

Advanced sleep statistics tool

Web-based data analysis and hypothesis testing comes complimentary with Somnofy. Our team have experienced data scientists, researchers and medical doctors to help you maximize your project insight.

The Web API automatically displays a selection of the collected sleep data each night and offers a comprehensive overview that is easy to learn to interpret.

In addition to the available web portal, we are happy to provide you with our latest platform-based analytics tool built with PowerBI. Your access to our platform enables you to correlate different data types and sources to find connections previously difficult to unravel. The analysis platform puts you in a position of absolute control over your study cohort with the full overview over current and previous trends across different segments of your population.


  • Direct sensor data is being collected at 1Hz and is subject to our algorithmic calculations which are performed in the cloud (upon special request, direct sensor data can be extracted at 17Hz).
  • Each sleep session analysis comprises 30s-averages of the direct sensor data with additional parameters from the extra sensors built into each Somnofy.
  • The variables available for long term sleep analysis include one data point per sleep session. These Trends include average epoch data plus additional variables which include myriads of time stamps, durations and statistical calculations for your convenience.
Stale pallesen
Ståle Pallesen, PhD, Professor University of Bergen, Norway

Compared to PSG (polysomnography), Somnofy is closer to this gold standard for sleep measurement than any non-contact alternatives.

Somnofy Analytics

Fully automated

Somnofy offers a validated and easy to use data recording and analytics tool that can enable larger test groups in a research program. Somnofy Research Edition contains all the sensors needed for a fully automated sleep diary including sleep hygiene and environmental data such as room temperature, air quality, light and noise.

Advanced features

Somnofy Analytics offers a variety of sleep related analyzes with details and trends on sleep stages, sleep onset, REM onset, time asleep, chronotype, movement, respiration rate and more. Every new feature that we launch will automatically be available to all your collected data from day one.

All this is available with extreme ease of use, both regarding setup, measurements and exporting and analyzing data.

Download Somnofy product sheet for research

Validated against Polysomnography with high precision

Sleep Medicine, a highly ranked journal specializing in sleep, has accepted the validation study of Somnofy performed by researchers from the University of Bergen and Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway.

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