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Find Better Sleep

Somnofy Sleep Monitor


Price includes VAT and 3 months full Premium membership features.

This is a limited offer of a fully featured Somnofy device for private use. It includes advanced Sleep Analytics, Guided Breathing and Smart Alarm. You will be the first to get all our new features.

Aslak Fonn Witry

"I use Somnofy to optimize my sleep to perform well in training and competitions. I use details about sleep to ensure my muscles recovery", Professional Soccer Player

Aslak Fonn Witry (born 10 March 1996) is a Norwegian footballer who plays as a defender for Djurgårdens IF (DIF).

He signed up for DIF on the 20th of December 2018, and became an important player for their 2019 victory in the Football All-Swedish professional league.

Aslak has used Somnofy for almost two year now to optimize the balance between sleep and training.

With Somnofy he has found the ideal amount of sleep he needs to perform well both in training and competition.

We at VitalThings want to thank Aslak for his contribution to the development of Somnofy.

Jørgen Graabak

"Somnofy helped me find a method to achieve the quality of sleep I need to keep performing at the highest level. Knowledge is power !", 2x Olympic Gold Medalist

Jørgen Nyland Gråbak (born 26 April 1991) is a Norwegian nordic combined skier and Olympic gold medalist.

Graabak has six world cup victories. He competed for Norway at the 2014 Winter Olympics. After not participating in the Normal Hill race, he replaced Mikko Kokslien in the large hill event and won gold having placed 6th after the jumping stage. In the Men's Nordic combined relay he won a second gold, racing Norway's final leg.

Jørgen has been one of the most dedicated users of Somnofy over two years now. He has been able to optimize his sleep to a level where he is sure it helps his results in competitions. He even found out he should stop wearing sun glasses to get more daylight !

We at VitalThings want to thank Jørgen for his contribution to the development of Somnofy.

Trond Håkon Trondsen

"In Periods of hard training, I've found a high correlation between training load and respiration rate. Somnofy can actually tell me how stressed out my body is", Professional Cyclist

Trond Håkon Trondsen (born 4 August 1994) is a Norwegian cyclist, who currently rides for UCI Continental team Team Coop.

Trond has an impressive track record and had a great victory at Stage 6 at Tour de Normandie in 2019. He also had a fantastic race in the UCI Europe Tour in 2020 where he one the race Gylne Gutuer.

Trond is also a technology student and has been working with us in VitalThings to make the product even more useful for people who want to improve their performance.

We at VitalThings want to thank Trond for his contribution to the development of Somnofy.

Validated against Polysomnography with high precision

Sleep Medicine, a highly ranked journal specializing in sleep, has accepted the validation study of Somnofy performed by researchers from the University of Bergen and Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway.


  • Somnofy using non-contact sensors and machine learning was validated against polysomnography
  • Sleep stage differentiation showed substantial agreement with polysomnography
  • Total sleep time and sleep efficiency exhibited excellent and good reliability compared to polysomnography

To validate automatic sleep stage classification in the commercially available sleep assistant Somnofy against polysomnography (PSG).


Somnofy showed high accuracy staging sleep using non-contact sensors and machine learning.

Link to research paper:

Find Better Sleep

Personal measures

Sleep Quality
Respiratory rate
Sleep Stages

Bedroom analysis

Air Quality
Ambient Light
Light Spectrum

Somnofy App

The Somnofy app is made for phones and tablets. It allows you to configure your Somnofy device, set the smart alarm, and view all the data related to your sleep and sleep hygiene.

Built for Android & iOS.

Second To None

Somnofy is the worlds most advanced non-contact sleep monitor. With sensor fusion it reads your vital signs and analyse a number of important parameters to help you improve your sleep.

  • Advanced vital sign monitoring
  • In-depth sleep analysis with sleep stages
  • Smart alarm clock that knows when to wake you up
  • Somnofy Analytics to see advanced analysis
  • Android and iOS App
  • WIFI and BLE connection
  • CE and FCC approved*

*Somnofy products and services are not medical devices, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Made with love in Norway, building on Norwegian quality, culture and innovation.

Setup Somnofy in your bedroom

This video will guide you through the physical placement of Somnofy in the bedroom as well as installing the app on your mobile device.

Daily use of Somnofy

When the one time installation is completed the use of Somnofy is completely automated. This video show you how it works on a daily basis.

How can Somnofy make you fall asleep?

With our new feature "Guided Breathing" you may fall asleep sooner. This video shows you how you can activate it in our Somnofy app.

Need a powernap?

With Somnofy Premium you can use Somnofy to help you fall a sleep quickly and to use Smart Alarm to wake up gently.ppo


Some frequently asked questions about the Somnofy.

Q: Can Somnofy be used with two people in the bed?
A: Yes, Somnofy can separate between two people in a bed very well. If you’d like to measure both people you will need one Somnofy on each side of the bed.

Q: What is the maximum range Somnofy can be placed from the bed?
A: The ideal position is 40cm/16 inches from your bed! We recommend mounting it within 1m/3ft for the best results.

Q: Where do I mount the Somnofy device?
A: Somnofy can be placed on a nightstand, shelf or similar. It can also be placed on the wall with a wall mount adapter or in the ceiling with a ceiling adaptor.

Q: What is the operating voltage?
A: Somnofy uses a USB-C connector and can be powered from any USB power adaptor that can deliver 0.5A or more.

Q: Do I need to start and stop Somnofy manually?
A: No, Somnofy detects when you go to bed and when you try to sleep. It also detects when you wake up so it is fully automated.

Q: How does the smart alarm works?
A: The smart alarm wakes you up when you are in a light sleep stage. This makes you feel fresh when you wake up. You can set the latest time you must wake up and the time Somnofy can use to find the perfect time.

Q: What is sleep hygiene?
A: Sleep hygiene is the recommended behavioral and environmental practice that is intended to promote better quality sleep (Wikipedia). It includes your sleep schedule, activities, food and sleep environment.

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