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VitalThings has entered into a nationwide distributor agreement with Hepro

Hepro avtale vitalthings

The agreement means that Hepro assumes responsibility for the sale and delivery of the digital night watchman Somnofy to the municipality of Norway.


In municipalities where other distributors have framework agreements with the municipality for the purchase of welfare technology, this means that the distributor buys Somnofy via Hepro.

Chief Innovation Officer at VitalThings, Alf-Egil Bogen, is very pleased with the signed agreement.
- We have had a long and good collaboration with Hepro, and with the new agreement they will be responsible for sales, installation, training and customer support of the digital night watchman Somnofy. For us, this agreement means that we can increase our development of digital services for early detection of disease, measurement of sleep and continuous monitoring of respiratory rate.

Bogen believes that we provide increased security to the resident, and that health professionals will be freed up more time, which means that they can spend more time on those who need it.
- Use of Somnofy provides security for the resident, and provides a tool to prevent falls and detect disease early. This in turn gives healthcare professionals the opportunity to spend more time on those who need it.

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Geir Tore Jakobsen, CEO Hepro

"We are very pleased with this agreement. The digital night watchman Somnofy provides information about whether the resident is in bed, whether they are asleep, and whether they are restless. Somnofy measures sleep, respiratory rate, restlessness and a variety of other vital data without the user having to have any equipment on their body.It also measures a number of important data from the room, including sound, light, temperature, air quality, humidity. We at Hepro want to combine the use of Somnofy with other products we deliver to provide a complete solution for digital supervision both at institutions and at home. "

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