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Health and welfare

Trond Håkon discovered Covid-19 with Somnofy

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Our own Trond Håkon (27), a former top athlete in cycling, has used Somnofy for four years to monitor his vital parameters and sleep.

Preoccupied with objective measurements

For several years with over 1000 training hours, he has become good at listening to the body, but has always been curious about objective measurements that can support subjective experiences and assessments. We know that respiratory rate can give an early indication of disease development, and factors such as exercise load and stress can lead to increased respiratory rate.

Unusual respiratory rate

Night to Wednesday, Trond Håkon's respiratory rate increased from 14.6 bpm to 15.4 bpm. As an avid exercise enthusiast, he is quite active in everyday life, but he had not completed any hard training or other factors that would indicate such an effect on respiration. As a result of increased frequency, he chose to avoid training the following day, so that the frequency could then normalize as it normally would. Respiration rate did not decrease. Only on Friday morning did he wake up with a normal symptom of Covid-19, fever.

Able to take action early

The same day he took a PCR test, and was diagnosed with Covid-19. The respiration rate was then 17.1 bpm, which is around 1.5 bpm above what is normal for Trond Håkon. After 5 days, the frequency was normalized, and Trond Håkon could slowly but surely resume training without setbacks.

In other words, through objective measurements and good knowledge of their own natural variations in respiratory rate, it was possible to see some early signals of disease two days before positive PCR. In this way, Trond Håkon could take measures such as avoiding hard training, and then reducing the risk of deterioration.


Through long-term use of Somnofy, Trond Håkon was able to distinguish between what was normal and abnormal respiratory rate for him. The changes in frequency, which later turned out to be Covid-19, he could see already two days before any symptoms showed up. This led him to take measures such as avoiding exercise, which in turn may have had an effect on his recovery time after Covid-19 was detected.


Front Page: Ole Arne Schlytter
Bicycle photo: Rune Helliesen

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