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Blue Cross Lade Treatment Center uses Somnofy in infection isolation rooms.

Blogg Lukas Blaa Kors

The treatment center Blue Cross Lade has installed Somnofy units in their infection isolation rooms where patients with positive covid-19 test results are residing.

Exciting collaboration

The Blue Cross treatment center at Lade in Trondheim, Norway, has chosen Somnofy units in all rooms of their detoxification clinic. They have also equipped their special isolated infection rooms with Somnofy to be able to follow up on their residents avoiding physical contact. Using Somnofy, they are able to monitor sleep, movement and breathing rate in real-time throughout the night. Using a large screen in the watch room they can monitor all rooms simultaneously and continually assess if anyone might need special attention and coordinate their resources accordingly. The Blue Cross team is also performing research projects where the amount of sleep and sleep quality are central parameters included. For the VitalThings Team, this collaboration opens up the possibilities to further develop our services.

Detecting health problems

Every morning the healthcare workers at Blue Cross look through this night’s data to spot deviations from the norm. Even after only using Somnofy for a short period of time, they tell us that they detect adverse health events they would otherwise have missed. Most often a patient being more agitated or exhibiting an increase in breathing rate is the basis for following-up even closer and allocating more time for care. It is important to note that the personnel did not change any of their routines regarding the frequency of physical visits. They rather use Somnofy as a supplementation to what they already have. The only difference is the ability to monitor more closely and log a patient normal to compare recent results to.

This article is translated by Lukas Krondorf.

Real-time data from all rooms on one screen

Blue Cross Lade has chosen to show all real-time monitors on one large screen on a wall in the watch room. This way, all employees can get a quick overview of all occupied patient rooms without having to enter each and every one of them.

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