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Our employees

Bård has extensive management experience from major technology companies and the financial sector. Prior to working at VitalThings, he developed a software company to take a global market share. He has a strong interest in managing innovative technology companies. He also has a long history of being represented in company boards across a variety of industries. As a former athlete, he has access to a large network in elite sports.

Alf-Egil is co-founder of VitalThings and are working closely with the customers to understand how to design the right products and services. He has a long experience in technology development and as a business and company builder.


Ole-Johan Ellingsen +47 95098909

Ole-Johan is co-founder and CTO in VitalThings. He has a M.Sc.EE from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and has long and profound experience in business development.

Dag has long industrial experience in managemnt of development projects, quality assurance and quality control, manufacturing and logistics. In addition he plays guitar and Irish Tenor Banjo.

Chief Architect

Stig Christian Aske

Stig Christian Aske is an experienced Systems Architect and DevOps engineer with history from both the datacenter and modern cloud infrastructure. He has worked with large broadcasters and distributors in the streaming media industry as well as other enterprise clients on their mission to deliver great experiences on all platforms. He holds a degree in computer & communications engineering and enjoys working on scalable internet applications and architectures

Product Manager Health and Welfare

Knut Jarle Lysklett +47 91666540

Knut has a long and profound experience in sales, marketing, strategy development and management. Experience from multiple industries such as the health industry, tourism, recycling industry and marin technology. Specialities: Making marketing and sales strategy into actions and building customer satisfaction. He is a former world champion in Telemark skiing.

Lead Data and Research Scientist

Ståle Toften

Ståle loves data and is on a mission to make your data more valuable to you. His background in physics and data science enables him to create complex models to extract valuable insight from your data, so you can sleep better and feel safer.

Data Scientist

Jonas Tøgersen Kjellstadli

Jonas has studied physics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has a MSc in theoretical and computational physics, and a PhD dealing with simulations of idealized fracture models. He works as a data scientist at Vitalthings.

Customer Success Manager

Lukas Krondorf

Lukas has a degree in exercise physiology (M.Sc.) from NTNU 2018. As a physiotherapist, he has previously worked with e.g. top athletes in league football in Germany. Lukas is an expert on the latest science on sleep and works with market development and research in VitalThings

Front-end developer


Fasalu is an application developer with a demonstrated history of working in the larger scale application development. He has many years of experience with the healthcare domain. He hold a master’s degree in computer software application. He is a passionate javascript developer and works as a front-end developer in VitalThings.


Dr. Remi Andersen

Remi is a medical doctor educated from Oslo University (1999). He has been an elite cross-country skier and has worked with professional athletes and the elderly for 20 years. He is currently employed as a lead nursing home doctor. In addition, he is working as the MD for the junior-, recruit-, and para national team of Norway in cross-country skiing and as a consultant for VitalThings.

Chief Medical Officer

Ole Kristian Forstrønen Thu +47 90 56 56 72

Ole Kristian is the chief medical officer of VitalThings and works as an attending anesthesiologist with a ph.d. in medicine. He is passionate about technology and patient safety. As the CMO he works with regulatory affairs, clinical research, clinical evaluation and strategic market evaluation in the healthcare sector.

Interaction Designer

Jenny Nguyen

Jenny works as an Interaction Designer at VitalThings. She works with the users, product and development team to create solutions that meet the users' needs and provide the users with great experience. Jenny holds a Master of Interaction Design from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Business developer

Trond Håkon Trondsen

Trond Håkon has a master´s degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). In addition, he has been a committed cyclist, with professional level. As a former top athlete, he is curious about how sleep affects performance and health. He is motivated by development and now works as a business developer at VitalThings.

Project Manager

Johan Fredrik Holm Totland

Johan has a master´s degree in Engineering Cybernetics from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and has several years of experience from testing and approval of safety critical signalling systems. As a Project Manager he works mainly with regulatory affairs through development of the quality mangement systems.

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