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Career in VitalThings

Our ambition is to deliver contactless solutions with focus on better health, life quality and safety for users, and a better and more efficient daily situation for health workers. Product development takes place in close collaboration with universities, researchers and health related people and institutions.
The business is developed by experienced technology leaders with strong focus on user friendly and innovative solutions.

As an employee of VitalThings, you get the opportunity to work with exciting and future-oriented technology and contribute to our users having a better everyday life.


VitalThings have worked with interns for many years with excellent results. We have now open positions for internship for this summer!

Want to contribute with something that may affect the way people live?
Want to challenge your self and explore your knowledge?
Want to havE fun working with other students this Summer?

Link til internship 2021

Vacancies will be posted continuously on this page.

Do you want to make a career with us?

We are seeking candidates within several fields of work:

- Senior Embedded Firmware deveolper
- Embedded Firmware developer
- Senior Embedded HW developer
- Embedded HW developer
- Senior Analog HW developer
- Senior Radio Antenna developer
- Senior Ultra Wideband Radar system developer
- Senior Backend developer

Future engineers; We need you!

For more detailed job descriptions read her: New positions

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